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The guild known as Nightmare Creatures is holding a quest that coincides with their story line. The plot of this quest is rather simple the nightmare creatures have captured a precious relic from Lord British and are using it to enter the lands of trammel to murdered innocent humans. Your mission is to take this relic back from the NiT (nightmare creatures) by storming their tower and capturing the relic.


NiT Members can not ban people from tower during quest.

You must be warred with NiT to receive reward for taking relic, and to take active part in the quest you also must be warred so you do not get banned from tower, this is to prevent blues from giving us massive counts.

Gate to quest will be provided at Trinsic (felluca) moon gate on the 7th December at 12pm midnight est. time.

Reward will consist of a cash prize and the relic which will be a rare. And a vanq war axe.


For more information contact Hannibal Elector at or by icq at 48731685


I have a lot of news to bring to you today so hold on to your hats! First of all I re-did the ranks&rule page. I added more guild history , guild story line.

We have new high ranking officials they are Charlie Brown the War Minister and Andrew the guild Finance officer.

I have a few high ranking positions open they are Nightmare General, this person must have a good knowledge of all guild members and their fighting ability’s and be able to command us.

Nightmare Guard their job is simple they give out discipline to all the members that can not get along with each other and can not obey guild rules. I am having problems of doing this myself saying I am not on ALL the time and people really do not like listing to me so maybe this rank will help out?

Tax Collectors they appointed by Andrew and have the duty of getting the taxes from each member for regs. weapons ingots etc.

I will be starting the guild's story line now the first guild quest is going to take place soon when I have more details I will post them. If you have any suggesting feel free to post them on the forum.

In other new I will be on vacation from the 21st - 26th this month so while I am gone Andrew and Charlie Brown have complete authority over the guild.


Hey all sup? well I have returned... sorry for my leave of absence. Anyway we have many new faces in the guild and I am glad to see the old ones once agin. We are fighting better then ever! me and 3 others last night held out Vs 16 oranges and we were actually killing em and not dyeing while holding out!! Andrew , Charlie Brown and Loretta were amongst the ones there.. We received about 3-5 kills each. In other news I need members TO USE THE MESSAGE BOARDS! and visit web site!! so when I go on vacation and such you guys can keep in contact and guild does not fall apart without me... THIS IS NOT A ONE PERSON GUILD. This guild is made by its members not one person makes up the guild we are a team like football or soccer we all need to take part in it and do our job.


Made a few web site changes. I am trying to find a good "guild song" for the web site thats between 200kb-320kb in flash file. I also would like members to start sendint in some screen shots. Also I will have icons i post on the red bar that tells you what kinda of news I have updated the web site with. Latest up date includs smaller banner for better load time... a better side bar and a bigger main window. =) post your idea's on the guild forum. until next time.


I would like to start this update by saying I have changed the web site song to Scum of the Earth. In other news we now have a new rank called Financial Minister he is in charge of all guild funds and allocate the guild funds. We now have a friendship to house tax that is only 1k per week and is used for new guild weapons , regs , potions , Band-Aids etc. we will also use it to purchase new gate guild houses in the future. We now also have a Spawn guild called Lesser Minions of Nightmare Creatures where all the Merchant's and other blues of the guild join to use the Tram Vendor guild house (not yet bought will be soon with guild funds) which will be located on Britannia Road or graveyard. This guild is also used for all new recruits wishing to join NiT so we can see if they have what it takes to be a NiT or not.




Fixed web site Banner, And other spelling errors that I had made when I made this site REALLY FAST! I took off the Events link because event will just be posted here with the rest of the news. I would like to say the guild as a whole is fighting much better then we ever have! for example we had a 5v5 yest. Afternoon with A-Z and we destroyed them.. We made them go cower in their house for an hour until some blues and a few more a-z came to gank! well anyway great job guys!!

In other news I am thankful to all the people who are using the forum to express their ideas for guild etc. We now own 4 gate houses in the guild for members A Log Cabin and Small Tower - Trinie , A Log Cabin - Yew , A Marble Workshop - Moonglow. I am currently in the process of buying a Brit house for the guild....